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Tropisk värme varje dag

Welcome to Fyrishov

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Fyrishov is one of the leading arenas for recreation, sports and events in Sweden. We have a large indoor pool and recreation area, a large sports complex and a camping area with chalets. There is a restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner every day.

Every year a large number of events take place at Fyrishov, such as sports events, concerts and fairs. Fyrishov is open every day, all year around.

Fyrishov is situated in Uppsala, a town in the region Uppland. It´s about 70 km from Uppsala to Stockholm. Fyrishov is only a 20 minute walk from the city centre, or a 5 minute busride.

Fyrishov is an excellent starting point when exploring Uppsala, as well as other sites around Uppland and Stockholm. In Uppsala everything is close at hand; unique cultural treasures and a big city´s selection of shops and restaurants.

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Updated 06 May, 2014

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